Tuesday, December 15, 2009

project helper

Last night I was trying to get a blanket made for a friend and a Christmas present made for my in-laws.  Anthony insisted on helping in every step of the projects.  He was so "in my face" with what I was doing that I started wrapping the scraps of fleece around his neck just to be silly.  It didn't seem to bother him and by the end of the first project he was wearing a very thick scarf.  Don't worry it is very loosely wrapped and not tied.  He also likes to lay in the middle of my fabric and put wrinkles and folds in it while I am trying to pin it.  Goof Ball!  On a side note.... the snip snip date has been set for next Tuesday!  Yippee!!!

Anthony showing off his fleece scarf and helping me pin fabric.

"Me, no I didn't put another wrinkle in the fabric.  Smells really good though, and boy it sure is soft."

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