Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Ready

Alex and I are hosting the holiday party for my work tonight.  We are expecting well over 50 people to be here.  It should be a good time.  Last night we were moving furniture to open up the house so that there is more space for people and setting up more space for food, etc   Anthony of course was right there with us helping make sure we moved everything just right.  And what is the first this he needs to do to get ready for the party?
Get a bath of course!  After all the snow we have had he was really dirty.  This picture may not suggest it, but he really loves his baths and does really well. 

This morning I was vacuuming and cleaning up the basement so we can all play ping pong tonight at the party.  Of course Anthony was with me making sure I didn't miss any spots.  When I finished I realized he wasn't with me any more.  I ran up stairs to see what mischief he had gotten into and this is what I found.
Luckily he had yet to discover that he can tear it apart like Gardner use to try and do.  Oh and the collar.... it doesn't seem to bother him at all so I think he is going to wear it at the party tonight.  What a festive puppy. Oh, and I immediately took the ball away and put it back into my work out space.

On a side note.... we finally got the letter to have Anthony altered!!!!!  We are all SUPER excited about it!  Well, maybe Anthony isn't but all of his raisers are!  He has been a bit of a handful lately and we are all hoping that taking away his teenage hormones will help make him a bit calmer. 

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Anna said...

Okay so I can't remember if I ever commented on your blog or not.....but I started Anthony's sister April and they look sooo much alike!!! April is now with good friends of mine and she is doing very well. She got altered recently, too. I love following along with your blog and seeing those adorable pictures of Anthony!

If you'd like to read my blog which occasionally has posts about Miss April, I'll send you an invite (just email me at finkea(at)