Friday, December 18, 2009


Below are a few random things I thought I would throw together in one post. 

First an amazing story - On Thursday night, Anthony went out with me to DYB and to get some stuff out of the car.  He did his business and I was getting stuff out of the trunk (Anthony was sitting next to me) when, out of the corner of my eye,  I saw something moving on the driveway about three feet away from us.  When  I looked up I  saw a rabbit run across the driveway followed very closely by a GIANT FOX with the hugest fluffiest tail I have ever seen.  When I saw the rabbit I stepped on Anthony's drag line (thank god I had one on him, as we rarely need to use one any more) so he couldn't chase it,  and then I saw the fox.....and then the fox saw us.......  It was about to catch the rabbit but suddenly switched directions right in front of us and ran in the other direction.  Both Anthony and I were so shocked that both of us just stood there.  I was so thankful that Anthony didn't chase after either the rabbit or the fox.  The fox was beautiful and I was glad the bunny didn't get eaten.

Just like every kitty, Bree had to help me with my holiday gift wrapping.  Every bag I opened she had to crawl into and investigate.  

This is just another shot I had of Anthony helping me with my sowing projects.

Below is Anthony at work with me at lunch.  He stays on a tie down while I am seeing patients and then during lunch I let him off and he goes immediately and lays in the sun beam.  He has learned that he is not to leave my office without my permission which is nice.  Many of my colleagues get so upset when I don't have him with me at work.  He helps put a smile on all of our faces. 

One of our friends had to go out of town this weekend and we are watching their new little puppy.  She is part lab and part border collie - we think.  She is about 14 weeks old, sweet and a great jumper!

Zora and I in the kitchen. 

She seems so tiny compared to Anthony.  It's nice though that she fits on my lap. 

So first, I have to say that I stole the picture below from my good friend Brianna's blog.  I know she won't mind that I borrowed it as long as I give her credit.  I just thought this picture of Eve from the GDB holiday party was so cute that I just had to share it! 

"look, I'm a Christmas Elf"

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