Friday, December 25, 2009

An Unusual Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to all!
This Holiday season has been a bit different for Alex and I but not in a bad way.  We didn't get to see any family for the holidays but now that we have been in Fort Collins for several years we have friends that help us feel like family.  To my family, we love you and miss you heaps.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we went to church service with friends and then went to a great dinner at IHOP.    Then we came home and opened all of our Christmas presents.  It was kind of strange "doing" Christmas at night. 

This morning we got up early and drove to Vail to go skiing for the day.  Despite somewhat snowy and icy roads we made it to Vail in just over 2 hours!!  Alex fell a lot trying to get his skiing legs back.  I feel only once but unfortunately it was in the parking lot and boy am I going to have a HUGE bruise from the embarrassing slip.  We had a great day but it was absolutely freezing!  They say that we were having 60-80 mph wind gusts and they were so strong that it would stop you from moving.  Oh, and with winds that strong, the wind chill was -22!!! 

Self portrait at Vail.

I think that is my husband in the gondola - can't be sure though seeing as I can't see much of his face.

Since it was Christmas, the slopes were so empty! 

I love pine trees covered in snow!

I sacrificed some serious warmth in my fingers to take my camera out to take this but I just couldn't resist.

We don't have Anthony this week and boy I sure do miss him.  The lucky boy gets to have Christmas twice.  I am sure the Guys gave him some goodies and Santa brought him a new toy at our house too.  The picture at the top of the post  is one that Shawna sent me of him sitting in front their tree.

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