Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where to start?

So where did I last leave off...   I think in my last post I was in Bangkok.  We went to an amazing flower market.  The market started at night so the flowers won't die in the heat and people buy and ship them all over the world.  I loved the stacks of irises and orchids!  The whole market was AMAZING!!  It was probably my favorite thing so far!

These bundles of roses sell for 30 bot - that is about $1 for 3 dozen roses!! 

Yesterday was Alex and I's third wedding aniversary.  We decided to splurg and get a $18 dollar room in Ayuthaya.  We got what we thought was a great deal on a beautiful room until we figured out that there was no running water in the bathroom.  UGH!!  In the heat of Thailand, a shower is a must!

The room we almost had.  I won't post a picture of where we ended up as it was very very plain but did have water. 

After Bangkok, alex and I headed north to the town of Ayuthaya. It has lots of neat ruins and was a very cute town to wonder through. 

View of some of the ruins from afar.

They give elephant rides around the Ruins.  How cool!!  We didn't do it.  It really didn't look that comfotable and they were very smelly!

Some of the Ruins up close. 

After a very hot afternoon of wandering the ruins of Ayuthaya we cooled down in our airconditioned room and then headed to the night marked for dinner.

Grilled Calamari anyone?

Today we headed, via a very crowded local train, up to the small town of LopBuri.  It is famous because the town has several very large troops of wild monkeys.  They roam the streets and live like kings at some of the ancient ruins.  We had a lot of fun playing with them.

This monkey was trying to take Alex's water bottle.  He put up quite a fight for it.  Earlier, alex got to close to one and it jumped on his shoulder. I tried really hard not to touch them as I don't think they were the cleanest things.

I was trying to pose for a picture next to this Buddha, all covered in Monkeys,  when small baby monkeys kept trying to climb up my legs and jump on me.  In this picture I am tell them who is boss.

Agghhh, it's good to be the Alpha!

Life as a monkey in LopBuri is such hard work.

After our visits to the large Monkey clan we walked through the Day Market.  I love watching people buy and sell stuff in these market and looking at all the strange stuff you can buy.  We found this one spot that had lots of live seafood for sale. 

Fresh live Eel anyone?

Alex bought some dried fish as a snack,  yummm!!!  

We visited a monistery and while I was meditating in front of the Buddha Alex sat enjoying his dried fish.  When I came back out, this is what I found..... Alex surrounded by a pack of wild dogs.   Apparently he gave the skin of the fish to the dogs. 

Well, I have tons of pictures I would love to post but they are going to have to wait.  The computer has already crashed once while posting this and I can't stand to wait while I do it all over again.  I will post again when I get time, hope everyone back home is well.


lauren said...

You guys do the craziest things! Love the monkey pics :) Alex must have a stomach of steel...or eat a lot of Tums! Hope you are feeling better!

Mrs. H said...

Awesome!!! Very cool! Looks like you guys are having a great time! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories!

Deborah said...

I am so happy that you are having so a great experience. I love living vicariously through you! Keep having a great time. You are missed back home :-)