Sunday, August 15, 2010

A bittersweet goodbye

On Friday Alex, my mom and I drove to Denver to put Anthony on the GDB puppy truck.  Saying goodbye to a puppy at 38 weeks pregnant, proved to be a bit more emotional than I had expected.  I cried all Friday morning in anticipation of saying good bye to the sweet boy.  Its not like I haven't done this before but for some reason I couldn't seem to keep the tears at bay.  I'd like to blame it on the hormones.  : )  

I may have been tearful but I really am happy for Anthony.  He has been ready to go back for awhile now.  He's been so bored lately and is ready to learn new things.  Anthony is going to have so much fun playing with all the other dogs and learning how to guide.  He is going to love his new life.  

Several of Anthony's litter mates are here in Colorado and they are even smaller than he is.  This is Shawna with Anthony on the right and one of Anthony's litter mates on the left.

Alex, Anthony and I in front of the puppy truck.

Anthony in his kennel on the truck.   He is in a kennel right next to Betsy (Maddie's puppy).

Somehow at the truck I managed to not sob, guess I got it all out in the morning.  I love Anthony so much but I know that he will have a great time at "GDB college" and being a guide.  I wish him all the success in the world. 

Unfortunately, my mom had to head home to get ready for school to start (she's a high school teacher).  So as a final "thanks for all of your help" after the puppy truck we went to Boulder and had lunch at the Med.  It was yummy as always and afterwards we went to the Mountain Sun Brewery.   I had ice water while Alex and my mom sampled some of their beer.  They didn't finish the sample board since their sample sizes are huge but we all enjoyed being out of the house and sitting and chatting.  Alex dropped me off at the door to everyplace and I sat so I really didn't violate my bed rest too much....  but I am still thankful that my OB doesn't ready my blog.  : )

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Raiser Erin said...

Good Luck Anthony! Rocco and I will be watching him on the phase reports.