Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun for All!

Alex, Petunia, Matthew and I were all melting in the 100 degree weather and smoke of Fort Collins this past weekend.  So we packed up the car and drove to a mountain lake where it was only 75-80 degrees!  We all had a great time!  

The car is small and was full of kid stuff so we didn't have room for petunia to sit on the floor - lucky dog! She was so excited to get to sit on the seat and snuggle with her best bud. 

On the way up... Matthew and his Petunia. 

What a spoiled lucky Guide Dog Puppy... so illegal to lay on the seat!  Shhh don't tell.

We arrived at the lake and Matthew went running right in - he didn't care at all that it was freezing cold. 

Brainard Lake

I am determined to get a picture in the GDB calendar this year... what do you guys think of this?  I may need to doctor it a bit and make the sky blue.  : )

Matthew continues to be in love with all things rocks.  Future Geologist?

How about this for the calendar if I tweak the sky in photoshop and make it blue?

Petunia got a bit of time off leash to go swimming.  She had a great time!

After changing into dry warm clothes we went for a hike.  Matthew was so proud of himself that he could walk along side of us on the hiking trail.  He loved picking up and throwing rocks.  

Wildflowers were everywhere!  

Matthew and his Papa.... headed up to another lake.

He walked about 1/2 mile before asking for his "binky" and the backpack...  phew... swimming and hiking is exhausting!

Lake Michelle

Petunia at Lake michelle. 

Alex, Matthew and Petunia when swimming in the absolutely FREEZING cold lake.  My husband is gonna hate me for posting a picture of him in his undies but really.... it is it really any different than his swim trunks?

Petunia finally actually swam... what a big girl!

Just to prove that I was actually there... Alex took a picture of me and matthew ont he way back down. 

Petunia, Matthew and I headed back down. 

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