Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Femi Pictures

Below are some cute pictures I took of Femi when I took her to work with me this past week.  People would fight over getting to take her out to DYB.

Such a cute face!!

What a silly sleeper in her small kennel. 

The next day she passed out asleep before I could get her little vest off.  She is just too cute!

She even sleep the same way at home

Matthew is helping me plant flowers while Femi tries to drain the pool.  

I really enjoyed watching Femi this past week.  It was a good reminder of how much work the little ones are.  We will likely not be getting a new puppy until the fall.  We are going to be to busy till September and we need to find a new co-raiser (Maddie went off to college).   But I'll keep y'all updated on our crazy little petunia's progress at GDB college.  Keep reading, I put several posts up today. 

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Shelly :) said...

Talk about a precious face in that first picture! :) She sure does have some interesting sleeping positions!