Thursday, July 19, 2012

If at first you don't succeed....try, try, again

Yesterday we tried to drive to some pretty lakes in the mountains but I took a wrong turn and we drove for an hour before realizing it.  After a big fight over whose fault it was we just drove the two hours back to Telluride and played in the pool for the afternoon.  At least the drive was pretty though.  Today we tried it again and this time I didn't miss the turn!  The picture quality is not great as I was shooting through dirty car windows most of the time - sorry!

Matthew is still dragging one of my hiking poles with him EVERYWHERE he goes.   He wold prefer to have both of them but we finally compromised with him and let him take one. 

We are headed out to find the lake - view abound on the way. 

More pretty views

And more amazing views!

Everywhere I looked it was just amazing... the pictures don't do it justice. 

We headed off down into this valley along the "Million Dollar Highway" in to the San Juan Mountains.  I must admit - this highway has some of the most spectacular landscape I have ever seen... and I've been to a lot of places.  

We forgot a "binky" so nap time did not exist during the drive... why he refuses to sleep with out one...agh... this is a picture of the screaming child taken in a mirror.  We eventually took to letting him suck on peppermint candy's just to make him stop screaming.  

More Pretty

Not a great shot of the mountains but the red color was AMAZING!!

More pretty!

We stopped at one point to hike down to a stream to play for a bit .... Notice Matthew's expression when he is excited and having fun.... Very serious... just like daddy!

The Creek - I'm standing in it for the picture... it was so clear and cold!  loved it!

After going swimming, Alex warmed Matthew up and we watched the fish and skipped rocks.  Good Family Fun!

We stopped in Silverton for lunch - I lost my iPhone and we spent an hour trying to find it - gave up and then I found it under the passenger seat 6 hours later. UGH!

And finally we made it to lake Molas.  By then Matthew was completely exhausted and passed out asleep in the car.  So Alex and I sat on a rock on the sore and soaked our feet.  I wished more than anything Matthew was awake as it was the prefect place to swim and play... alas, we had some nice quite time at least. 

On the way home Matthew had had it with all of the time in the Car.  He had a 30 minute tantrum of the loudest screaming I have heard yet.  So when we got back to Telluride and he wanted to keep his shirt on to shower... well, I couldn't bare to hear any more screaming, so he showered with his shirt on.  The evening got messier when we had to finally break down and give poor Matthew an enema... lets just say it got really messy.   Oh the joys of parenthood.   After the long day we went out for pizza and a stroll down Main street.  What a fantastic day!

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