Sunday, July 15, 2012


Alex, Matthew and I finally are getting a bit of family time together.  Life has been really stressful lately and we took a week off to escape to the mountains for fun and rest.   It a long story but we ended up driving to Telluride all in one day today (8 hours).  Matthew actually did remarkably well and slept most of the time.  We took the less senic route for the beginning part of the drive but it all was a beautiful drive!  Our place is nice but not super fancy - the cost of stuff in this small town is insane.

Lunch at Qudoba in Vail.  

The whole drive was so pretty!

partial view of our condo. 

Out to dinner - Here's to some fun family time!

Alex's appetizer

Blue Columbine I saw on an after dinner walk. 

Yellow Columbine - so pretty

Alex and Matthew check out the stream behind our condo. 

Keep reading - I put up three total posts today. 

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