Sunday, July 15, 2012

Petunia is off to College

Guide Dog's needed more puppies for training and Petunia was recalled when there wasn't a puppy truck coming.  So GDB flew her back with a few other dogs.  It was really hard to put her in a kennel and in trust her to some unknown person to see her safely to campus.  We had to be at the Denver airport by 6am, which meant we had to leave by 4:45 - ouch... it was an early morning.  We also took Chico with us.  Below are a few pictures of their send off.  Petunia was one the most challenging dogs we raised but I still loved her a lot and wish her all the best!

Petunia and Chico waiting to get checked in. 

Bye Petutie.... Please be a good girl and don't eat everything.

Petunia is off on her new adventure. 

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Shelly :) said...

Good Luck Petunia! :)