Monday, July 9, 2012

Guide Dog Cuteness

We received an email last week that GDB wanted Petunia back ASAP.  We were a bit confused as she was not set to go back till the fall.  Apparently during the big Parvo outbreak that they had a year ago they didn't bread any puppies so now they are super shot and want any puppy that is close to recall age back.  Barb told us that there is something in petunia's pedigree that they really want to breed.  I responded with "our petunia?  really?  Do they know what she is like?" In all seriousness though, I will be sad to see her go.  She has been our most challenging puppy that we have raised.  I really think if given enough time she will mature and do great though.   They are flying her to San Rafel and I have to have her at DIA to send her off at 6 am this coming Saturday. 

Cute Petunia paws!

 A rare quite moment.  I will miss her silliness!

Our co-raiser is headed off to college and we are trying to decide if we want to raise another puppy.  I really want to but my husband needs some convincing.  My attempt at convincing him involves an 8 week old puppy named Femi - she is one of Lacy's puppies.  We are watching her for a week while Virgina is on vacation.  Below are some pictures of this cute guide dog puppy. 

Look at that face!! 

Silly puppy!

She absolutely loves water and will drink till she pukes.  Here she is on a tie down and appears to be trying to use the her magical powers to bring the water close enough to drink. 

She is just so cute and fuzzy!

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Raiser Erin said...

Oh my! That must have been quite a shock to hear that Petunia was going to be leaving so soon. I'm sure she'll do well. :)