Friday, July 20, 2012

Last day of vacation

We enjoyed our last day in Telluride by spending the morning riding the Gondola....  Matthew's request.  He just loves the "up up".   After a leisurely morning the boys took a nap and I went shopping on main street.  Then we spent the afternoon at some nearby lakes.  I wish we had my parents new CRV as he dirt 2 tracks to the lacks were less than smooth but our little Carola did just fine.

View on the way up to Alta Lake

Beaver swimming in one of the Alta lakes

Notice our car along the lake. 

Matthew had to be like Daddy and take his shirt off. 

There were wild flowers everywhere... I'll spare you all the photos I took of them. 

One side of the lake

1...2...3 and in they went... BRRRRR!

We hiked up to another lake and ate a snack while watching the afternoon storms roll in. 

Matthew loved watching the chipmunks run around and feeding them cookies. 

Matthew enjoys the view... what you can't see in this is there is a lake right in front of us. 

We had to play with the car a bit before driving to the next lake. 
In route to Trout lake we passed a family of Marmots.  They let us get really close.  Matthew absolutely loved them and the babies were very cute!

Mama Marmot.

Mama Marmot up close

Papa Marmot keeps a look out. 

The three babies kept peeking out.  I didn't zoom in on this... I was really this close. 

One last shot of Papa Marmot. 

Pretty view of mountains around Trout lake

The color doesn't come through in the pictures but they are so red. 

Its just too pretty for words!

Trout Lake
Sadly, tomorrow we will drive back home to Fort Collins.... Boo Hoo!  It was a great vacation!

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