Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Suprise

With all the crap my family has gone through in the past few months, I decide mom and dad need a little christmas joy. I bought a plane ticket to visit my parents in NC about a month or so ago but I didn't tell my mom that I was coming. My dad and I put together a great plan and the short of it is that I showed up on their doorstep around 4pm on Christmas. Mom was so suprised that she was speechless! Grandpa seemed pretty shocked to see me too. Dad and I were afraid we were going to get in big trouble for lying to mom for so long, but I think she quickly forgave us.

My friend Jenny was kind enough to pick me up at the airport in Charlotte and drive me to my parents house in Asheboro. She stayed for Christmas dinner with us and we all watched the movie Mama Mia together. It was great to share Christmas with her and my family.

Before we went to bed mom and dad opened the gifts I got them and boy were they happy. They were like little kids again, all excited about their new Wii and Wii games! I think it will help them stay young and keep their coordination up. So far they have been playing all afternoon today and it is so nice to see them laughing and having fun. Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Mom and Dad are super excited about their Wii!

Mom shows off the scarf I made for her.

Mom and Dad play Air Hockey this morning on their new Wii.

Poor Alex got left behind in Colorado but I don't think he minded all that much. He went with our friends Laurie and Jeff to Estes Park and spent christmas with their family. I am very appreciative that they took such good care of my hubby.

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