Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guide Dog for the Blind Christmas Party

I work up this morning to aobut 5 inches of snow on the ground.  With Alex in New York visiting his parents, guess who got to shovel the driveway and sidewalks? You guessed it, me. I really hope that if we get to stay in Colorado that Santa will bring us a snow blower next year.

My friend Laurie came over around 10 and she and I baked cookies to take to the GDB chrstmas party. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and backing yummy peanut butter cup cookies. GDB gathered at John's house today to celebrate the holidays. The puppies got to take their vests off and just have fun for the day.

Gabrina showing off her santa hat.

Garner taking a chill.

Fred's Career Change Dog - rejected due to his size. He is a pure bread German Shepard.

Tim with Raindeer Ears. So Cute!

Garner - totally exhausted from all the excitment!

Anne - doesn't she look thrilled?

The puppies are playing with bones and we are playing with them.

Gabrina - wiped out and taking a snooze.

"why do they do this to us?" - Gabrina

It was a lot of fun and we did a white elephant gift exchange. I got a Kong chew toy and a approved bone.  We took Gardner home with us and are watching him for a few days while his raiser takes finals.
Garner in our living room.

He is the sweetest dog ever. When we came home I discovered that he doesn't like the snow. I took him out to go to the bathroom and he just danced and whimpered and shook his paws and refused to pee. I assume when he needs to go bad enough he will go. He doesn't mess with the kitties at all which helps keep the peace in the house.

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