Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun with Puppies

Garner went home to his nice raisers today, but before he left he got to play. We started sitting for Dusty today and there were a few hours of overlap between when Gardner went home and Dusty arrived. I never knew that two dogs could play Tug with each other for so long without getting exhausted. They had a lot of fun.

Dusty and Garner both panting from playing so hard.

Both Dusty AND Garner play Tug with me.

They quickly learned how to play tug without me.

Alex watches the puppies run in the snow in the backyard. Doesn't he look all macho with his beard and his new warm coat?

Can you find the doggies in the yard?

Dusty gives me a big smile. She is one of the few mixes that GDB breads. She is half Golden Retreiver and half Lab. They never bread the mixes so she is fixed. She is very calm, sweet, well trained and is 10 months old.

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