Friday, December 19, 2008

A Real Family Doctor

Today was an interesting day. I woke up early, showered and headed in to the hospital to start rounding. I saw a sick diabetic in the ICU, several medicine patients and a bunch of post partum mom's and their babies. Then I scrubbed in to assist on a scheduled repeat c-section. I quickly changed out of my bloody scrubs to go meet with the residents to round on our patients. After a quick bite to eat it was off to clinic to see pregnant women, old people and some kids. I did charts and paperwork until 7 PM and then Alex and I went to IHOP for a yummy Friday night dinner. What a full day!

As I reflected on my day, I realized that I really was a full spectrum family physician. I saw everything from birth to death today, worked in the OR, the hospital and the clinic. I never thought that I would actually get to use all of the skills that I worked so hard to learn. Not many family doctors really do everything anymore and I am really thrilled to have the opportunity to get to. It feels good to really like what I do again and to feel like I may actually be making a small difference in a few peoples lives.
Later in the evening we had some fun playing with dusty and trying to keep her and the kitties from fitting. Dusty just wants to play but Bailey has to be the Alpha cat and defend the house from the "dreaded guide puppy."

Alex plays tug with Dusty - you wouldn't believe how high she can jump straight up.

Dusty takes a brief rest in the kitchen

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