Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Fun Day of Skiing

Mid Vail - Lift Number Three

Yesterday Alex and I got up before the sun and drove to Vail for a fun day of skiing.  It started snowing hard around one, which made for some great fresh powder skiing.  Alex and I attempted a black diamond bowl in the back. It proved too much for me, so I took off my skies and climbed back out. Boy was that exhausting! I kept sinking into about 3 feet of deep snow. It took Alex about an hour and many bruises to make it to the bottom of the bowl and back to the lift where I was waiting. The picture above is one I took while I very patiently waited in the freezing cold and snow for us to join back up.

The trip back home was a bit tricky with all the snow but we stopped at COSTCO!!!! And we all know how happy I get when I get to go to Costco. Even if we only bought splenda and Diet Coke.

Alex headed off to New York today to visit his family. I will miss him but I do have to admit that it will be kind of nice to have the house to myself for a few days.

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