Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Fun

View of Lake Lucas from my parents house.

Well my time with mom and dad has come to a close but it was well worth the effort to make it here. I think all of us enjoyed my visit. I may have created two more Wii junkies by getting them a Wii for christmas, they love it! But I figure that's ok, it will help keep them young!

Mom "trying" to race pigs - she kept going the worng way.

Dad playing Rayman Rabbids

I am giving Mario Cart a try.

The Mighty Kat-Mando watched us play Wii.

Last night I went up to greensboro to have dinner with my friend lauren. It was really nice because I got to finally meet her daughter Isabelle. After a long 2 years she finally got to bring her home from Guatamaula a few months ago. Isabelle is beautiful and full of joy. Lauren and Isabelle in front of TGI Fridays.

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