Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guatemala Day # 1 - Antigua

Alex and I had an amazingly easy time getting to Antigua yesterday. Things could not have gone smoother! We left our house in Fort Collins at 3:30am via a Taxi and arrived in Guatemala city at 1:30pm. We spoiled ourselves and took a shuttle to Antigua.

Antigua is suppose to be the most beautiful city in Guatemala. So far I am really impressed. By Central American standards it is remarkably clean and free of stray dogs and what they leave behind. They have tourist police in this city too so it is very safe as well.

View from the plane as we were descending into Guatemala City.

Our hotel for the first night was nice but demonstrated the dichotomy that exists here. The view out one window shows a beautiful courtyard and from the other window you see how many of the locals live.

The courtyard in our hotel as seen from our second floor room.

View from the other window. You can't see the top of the volcano because it is covered in clouds.

We went all out and even got a room with hot water - I love taking a shower with an electric hot water heater hanging over my head. Especially when the loose wires hanging out are covered in electrical tape. Can't complain though, the water was hot and the bathroom had beautiful tile work.

Guatemala is a very catholic country. This was evident in our room, as everywhere we turned, Jesus was looking at us. Below are just a few examples. So don't worry mom, we are being watched over. : )

Jesus as our bedside lamp.

Jesus at the last super, hanging over the head of our bed.

Jesus with a burning heart looking over us while we take a leak.

Today is Saturday and that means market day. I love going to markets in central America and seeing all of the AMAZING fresh produce!! I also love all the crazy stuff that is for sale like pigs, chickens and marinated meat.

Tomatoes anyone?

Yummmm... Fresh mangos!!!

Antigua grows a ton of Avocados. They are massive!!! Alex wanted one for a snack and in an effort to support the local economy didn't want to barter and so agreed to pay 4 Quetzals for one extremely large Avocado. It cost us less than 50 cents. But the ladies burst out into laughter when he agreed to pay the 4Q's. I think it probably should have only cost us 1Q or even less. Oh well, we made their day and perpetuated the myth that you can scam any gringo.

Peppers anyone?

A view of the covered part of the market.

A very old building. I am not sure what it is. But it was pretty.

So far the people here have been amazingly polite and kind. I am really enjoying our trip so far but I do have to admit that I am going through serious iPhone withdrawal!!! There have been so many time where it would be so useful. I think I am truly an iPhone addict.


lauren said...

Glad you made it and are enjoying Antigua! If you get a chance sometime go wander through Casa Santo Domingo. It's a very old monastery turned into a 5-star can just walk in and cruise around. The grounds and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Love the pics, especially the market! Will get you info on Quetzaltenango w/ details of requests (he, he, he) at some point! You shouldn't have a hard time getting internet... I'm jealous :)

Brianna said...

Hi! Sounds like a good trip already! Eve wanted to say that she misses coming over to your house. She is doing well, although last night I left a pile of leaves in the back yard which she saw this morning and it really spooked her -- she is so silly... she slowly crept up on it and then when she was about 5 feet away she turned around and ran away! And then she barked at the trash can. Silly girl!

I look forward to reading more!

Brianna said...

P.S Eve is losing her teeth - she lost the four ones in the very front and some more are loose!