Saturday, May 30, 2009

Antigua day # 2

From about 12 till 3pm it is just ridiculously hot here. Most people take a siesta but since we couldn’t get into our hotel room yet (we moved to a cheeper hotel) we went to a restaurant with Wi-Fi and blogged and studied some Spanish.
Alex practices reading Spanish by looking through a real estate magazine.

I know I already posted a picture of this archway but I thought it was really cool the way you could see the volcano through it.

One of the streets where cars are not allowed.

One of the narrow streets in Antigua

One of the smaller textile markets in Antigua

Close up of a lady seeing stuff near one of the old churches.

After our mid day break we headed out into a now sunny afternoon to wander the city some more and to get some lunch. It took us awhile but we finally found the restaurant that our book said was the local’s favorite for typical Guatemalan food. Boy was it great! All of the food was in giant pots and you just pointed and picked out what you wanted. I think my dish was some kind of pork and Alex had some type of lamb stew.

Alex enjoys his “comida typica” lunch.
We gave our waiter a REALLY nice type for patiently explaining to us what we were eating and he was so excited by his almost 4 dollar tip that he took us up on to the roof of the restaurant to show us the pretty views.
View of Antigua from the room.

View in the other direction.

Our waiter was so sweet that he even took a picture of us.

Volcano and church ruins.

Alex and I toured the ancient Mayan ruins of a church and monastery. They were really beautiful. This is a picture of the supposedly the largest fountain in all of Central America.
This guy was making quite a racket at the ruins! So pretty, but so loud too!
This is an old ancient church that is still mainly intact.

This was on the grounds of the church, alex liked it a lot. It was really unique and had the most beautiful flowing plants.
One of the cool building on the central park.

This is a close up of the statue in Central Park. Yes that is water coming out of their breast. We had quite a good laugh over this one.
This is a view of the courtyard of our hotel for tonight. It was way cheaper than our room last night (only $16) and just as nice.

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