Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big Send off

Friday was a big day for Alex and I. We drove with the Guys to meet the GDB Puppy Truck in Denver. I can't really express the emotions I felt when we put Gardner on the truck and said goodbye. Lets just say there were lots of tear from all involved. I now fully understand why it is a good idea to get a new puppy on the same day. It gives you something to hug and wipe your tears on. I kept telling myself that Gardner was off on a grand adventure. His sister was right above him on the truck and his other two litter mates were across from him. I think they all are going to have a great life. And who knows, maybe we will get lucky and he will fail and get to come back and live with the Guys.

This is Shawna and Maddie (left to right) with Gardner and Gabrina. These two litter mates have become great friends - so too have their raisers. They are going to have a great time in CA together.

Maddie gives Gabrina a kiss before she had to put her on the truck.

Doesn't the "knuckle Head" look like he is ready to head off for a good time? He is truly a beautiful and wonderful dog.

One last shot of Gardner. Guide Dog puppies are not allowed dog bone treats until they get to the campus. So as our final farewell we gave him a milk bone once he was in the kennel on the truck (don't tell on us, ok). What a send off. I tried to get a better shot of him but I had a hard time seeing through my tears.

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