Saturday, July 18, 2009

In and Out, In and Out.

Our first full day with Anthony was going along great (with almost no accidents) until tonight when Anthony decided to get stubborn about peeing. He had an accident in the house and over the next hour he had a total of 4 more accidents. Alex took him out after every accident but he refused to pee outside. After the last accident, Alex said...."OK that's it....we are going out side and are not coming back in until he either pees or falls asleep." Alex has been out side in the backyard for over 45 minutes now (oh, and its pitch dark out). I am anxious to see who will win out, the stubborn man or the stubborn puppy. He He He.

So who won? After about an hour of patiently waiting Anthony finally peed AND Pooped and a very mosquito bitten Alex came back in with a smile on his face. I think he knows he won. Way to go honey!

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