Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was disappointed when I first heard that we were getting a black lab because they are so tough to photograph but Anthony has already won my heart over. He is only 9 weeks old and is exceptionally tiny. His little face is just so precious. He seems pretty calm and very smart! Maddie also got a new puppy since Gabrina went back with Gardner and I swear her puppy who is only one week older than Anthony is twice the size.

The puppy truck guy (supper nice) hands me Anthony.

I show off Anthony to the crowd.

Alex introduces Anthony to Shawna Guy.

The new little puppies (Anthony and Betsy) meet Gardner and Gabrina. Anthony is on the left and notice that he is about half the size of Betsy on the right who is only a week older than Anthony.

(left to right) Alex, Shawna, Carol, Gardner, Gabrina, Betsy, Maddie, Stacie, Anthony, Cali, Leola and Fred. (this is only a small fraction of the FC GDB group).

Carol Guy holds Besty (the clubs - maddie's 10 week old huge puppy)
OMG, how can you not love that face!?!?!?!

Alex, Gardner, Me and Anthony

Again, what a face!

Our new puppy is so cuddly!

He finally takes a nap on the way home (slept for a whole 10 minutes)

We try to get Anthony to pee on the rocks - wish us luck.

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