Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guide Dog Summer Picnic - lots of pics

Alex and I hosted the Guide Dog for the Blind Summer Picnic today. I think everyone had a good time but I know that the puppies all had a great time. There was lots of running, playing and splashing in the kiddy pool.

Looking down on the patio.

Eve and Dicken's tug on the jolly ball in the back yard.
.Anthony and Betsy play in the "puppy pool"

We take a minute to calm down Anthony after his play time in the pool.

How cute am I?

Part of the crew eating on the lawn.

The two youngest puppies (Betsy and Anthony) were cold after playing in the pool and also needed some quiet time. I was trying to get them to go to sleep, I wasn't very successful.

The little ones finally take naps on Maddie's and Shawna's lap.

Anthony is so sweet when he sleep - except that he snores really loudly.

Johns gives Eve a thorough brushing.

Eve resting peacefully after being brushed.

Betsy kept trying to get in on the brushing action and just ended up with a face full of fur.

Anthony tries to go play with Dickens, Eve and Mystery.

Mystery takes on Tim and Eve in tug and Anthony, thinking he is a big boy, tries to help.

If you want to see more pics of the event I have some posted at flickr at You can access a link through our website - under Guide Dogs. I have also posted a new video on YouTube. Just search sjohns981.

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