Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our first day with Anthony

Guys are watching Anthony for he first week but we asked if we could watch him while Shawna went to work today. Yippee!! What an amazing sweet puppy he is. So far (3 hours) and we haven't even had an accident in the house (knock on wood)

"I know I am not suppose to be up on the crate but look how cute I am with my toy."

Nap time - he was making suckling sounds, it was soooo cute!

"I know I am not Gardner, but I am cute too right?"

"wow, a pillow, we didn't have these at the GDB Campus... this is pretty cool!"

A wet puppy spends some time on his back.

A cute wet face.

Alex and Anthony try to find a place for our new hammock.

He is just too darn cute.

A happy Alex wrestles with Anthony.

"I love water, but I am not sure what to make of this pool"

"Pool time...yippee.... I love water!!!"


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