Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jet Ski Fun

Alex has picked up a new hobby in the past few weeks. Several of this his friends have Jet Skies. The kind you have to stand up on. He usually goes early in the morning to Boyd lake before all the um.... red necks show up. : ) I went with him this morning and Jeff made homemade sausage, french toast and scrambled eggs over fresh hot coals. It was an amazing breakfast!

We could only stay for about two hours because that is about all that Anthony can hold his bladder and for a newbie like myself that is a enough anyways. My arms were so tired when we finished. It was a blast though! Alex snapped a few pictures.

You start on your knees and then once out of the "no wake zone" you can stand up.

Alex and Gregory getting ready to leave.

Me tearing it up out on the lake.

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