Friday, September 7, 2012

A day of travel


Day # 7 - travel day
We got up early today, packed our stuff and after breakfast and a very sweet send off ceremony involving flowers and singing we were off again for an hour boat ride to the airport.    We laughed really hard when we passed a thin beach where rather than coconuts or small children playing, there were 4-5 cows perusing its shores.  
Our flight to Nadi was on another super tiny plane.  We only had 30 minutes in Nadi before we were off to Tavueni on another tiny plane.  were uneventful.  Our resort on Tavueni is wonderful!  We have a gorgeous bure and our own private beach with chairs that over look the ocean.  From our four poster bed with beautiful netting we can see palm trees and watch the waves roll in.   We are at the Rainbow Reef Resort which is on the tip of peninsula and it is very isolated.  You can only reach it by boat.  The people are fantastic and all so nice.  There are two other families at the resort making it a total of 10 of there.   For them this is a lot.  We are again discovering that everything is large in Fiji.  The toads here are enormous!
Our Italian friends

Time to leave Kandavu

They gave us all beautiful flowers and sang a fijian goodbye song. 


Beach in front of the airport, beautiful

Inside the plane flying to Taveuni.

Coral reef as seen from the plane. 

More Reefs. 

And one more shot of reefs from the plane just because it's pretty. 

Airport on Taveuni

Our airplane from Nandi to Taveuni.

The Rainbow Reef Resort - only accessible by boat.

The veiw from the main dining area.

Our bure

Inside our Bure.  At night they would light candles in the Bure and let down the mesh while we were at dinner.  It was so romantic and peaceful. 

Our Sink

Our outdoor shower

Our own private beach with lounge chairs in front of our Bure

A happy Alex with his Diet Coke of course

View from our Bure

View from our Bure

Oh the relaxation

Private Lounge chairs

part of the grounds

For some strange reason they had peacocks.

I liked to feed the female peacocks before our dives in the morning. 

And what vacation would be complete without a little peacock fornication... yikes!

The Beach in front of our Bure

A very relaxed Alex

The other family at the resort braving the waves.  The dad was an Olympic water polo player (Barcelona Olympics)


Another beautiful place to relax. 

I hiked up to the top of a nearby hill for sunset yoga on the patio they have up there, I really enjoyed the quiet time to myself. 

I loved doing yoga out on the small patio over looking the water.

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