Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day # 11 in Paradise

Hmmm..  not much new, woke up to the most amazing view of a glass smooth ocean, ate a great breakfast, and then went to dive the "GREAT WHITE WALL".  This is THE dive everyone says you have to do here.  They were right it was amazing.  There is a huge wall going down to 120 feet covered in a very unique type of white coral that looks like snow flakes.  The best part is that you have to go through a swim through at 40 ft that dumps you out on the other side of the reef at 80 feet.   There were three different swim throughs on the dive.  Big fun!   

White Coral

Some Egg Type Coral

The Great White Wall  - This is taken at about 115 feet and it continues down to about 180 feet.  It was amazing!

Alex being silly

Orangoutang Crabs on the wall of one of the coral tubes we swam through.

You can see the color but under side of this ledge is covered in a rainbow of soft coral. 

The only excitement on the dive other than the amazing beauty was that I was underweighted and at one point the current got really strong and I had no air left in my BCD to stay down so I just floated away to the surface.  The dive master had to come grab me and pull me back down.  It took another few minutes for me to explain in strange hand signals that I needed more weight... once he gave me one of his weights I was good for the rest of the dive... minus all the air I sucked down trying to not float away that is.  Our second dive was uneventful and beautiful as always.

Yellow Trumpet fish - its tail looks like a head

Alex's attempt at taking a picture of me

This pretty fish was about 2 feet long.

This was the largest Queen Angle I have ever seen - about 2 feet long!

My favorite orange anemone 

Do you see the tiny clown fish hiding in the Anemone on the right

up close

After another fantastic lunch we went for swim and snorkel off the shore of our resort and then took a nap.  Then in the evening I treated myself to the most wonderful massage in a tiki hut on the beach lit with torches and the best part was that it only cost $30!   Fantastically relaxing!

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