Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day #8 in Paradise


Day #8 in paradise
We awoke in our four poster bed with beautiful white netting and looked out at the sea.  I could have laid there for days, if I hadn't gotten hungry I may have.  After a leisurely morning we went diving on the famous Rainbow Reef.  WOW is all I can say!!!  The soft coral and all of the colors are spectacular! We saw things today that looked like they were straight out of the guide books or could be on a National Geographic special.  Unfortunately my camera battery died during our second dive so I didn't get a lot of great photos today. 

See us on the welcome board?

The coral is huge!

pretty soft coral

some type of trumpet fish I think - notice how its tails look it should be the head.  Clever fish.  

Very large parrot type fish

Giant Clam

There were so many fish...

These were each about 2 feet long.

Beautiful yellow coral

Giant Clam

Huge Beautiful Coral

Spanish Dancer

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