Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day # 2 in paradise


Day #2 in paradise

We had a wonderfully sound night sleep and woke to the sound of parrots and other birds chirping in the yard and the jungle behind our Bure.   From our bed we can look out onto the garden and out over the ocean.   After a delicious breakfast of eggs and hot out of the oven Bear Scones we got all of our scuba gear together and headed out for two dives.  We stayed close today for "check" dives as Alex hasn't gone diving in nearly 4 years.  We were only 5 minutes out from the resort and the dives were great even though they weren't on the main reef.  

The amount of marine life here is profound.  There are so many more fish than I have seen before and they are 3-5 times larger than I've ever seen before.  The colors are amazing and the hard corals are huge and gorgeous.  I feel like I'm swimming in a post card.  On the second dive we saw two different kinds of octopus, two huge scorpion fish and dove through a cave.  Amazing to say the least!  I sprung a leak in my gauge and  started loosing air fast about half way through the dive.... got to use all my diving skills when I ran out of air,  but given that we had already been down for over an hour it was all right  to surface.

School of yellow jacks

Giant school of something silver

These coral shelves were 3-4 feet wide... huge!

It was all just so beautiful!

We encountered about 8-10 dolphin feeding on the way back to our resort. 

Did I mention that EVERYTHING in Fiji is HUGE?  This spider was about 4 inches long, no exaggeration.  They kept reassuring me that it didn't bite and wasn't poisonous. 

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