Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day #3 in Paradise


Day #3 in paradise

Today was yet another great day!  Alex got up at sun rise and went for a swim while I slept in.  The winds were up so we had to stay at the local reef again for our dives.  The coral again was spectacular and we saw several anomie with clown fish!!!  They are my favorite fish but man are they protective of their "homes".    After another restful afternoon on the beach we had a great dinner with fellow travelers.  Overall another great day!

Huge Lion Fish - about two feet

pretty blue fish

Nemo's friend - I can't remember his name.  

Our dive master played around with this rock for a long time.  I couldn't figure out why he was wasting so much time "playing with a rock" until.. 

Out came and Octopus!  It was awesome!

Pretty fish

A cave we swam through

clown fish

I think this is a type of puffer fish but we called them "puppy fish" for obvious reasons.  They were about a foot long. 

pretty coral

alex floating along

more pretty coral

This is a coral snake that if it bites you will kill you in about 30 minutes.  I almost stepped on it.  They kept telling me that no one ever got bit by them but I was still didn't want to step on it. 

This is one of my favorite fish.. it is about 2 feet long and just really neat looking.   

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