Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day # 9 in Paradise


Today was another fantastic adventure.  Our dives were some of the most spectacular yet.  We saw colors of coral and anenemie that should not exist - florescent orange and green!

 We saw lots of sharks, huge eels, and unbelievably large schools of tropical fish.  We played beech volleyball after our dives and I dislocated my knee and scrapped myself up but hey.. at least I got the ball.  : )

Red Soft Coral

Bright Red Hard Coral

Black Tip Reef Shark

Yellow Fish


the Colors were so bright!


Soft Coral

The fish in the middle here is one of my favorite

So many fish of all different sizes and colors. 

Lion Fish

In the middle here you will see a Nudibranch

Can you see all of the Garden Eels are sticking up out of the ground?

White Tip Reef Shark

This guy was nearly 4-5 feet long


Alex playing with an Anemone

Giant Puffer Fish - about 5-6 feet

This was the real color of the this Anemone

The white coral was amazing. 

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