Friday, September 7, 2012

Day #6 in Paradise


Day #6 in paradise
Today I officially have Matthew's cold!  UGH!  Alex had it the first few days we were here and now it is my turn.  I couldn't go diving today because my ears were too full so Alex went without me.  Of course he saw lots of cool amazing stuff like an octopus and lots of sharks... but oh well.  I slept in the shade on the beach!  I really can't complain.  Our Bure overlooks the ocean so I spent all afternoon in bed resting and looking out at the amazing blue green water.  This is the way to do if you have to be sick here.  Tomorrow we fly to Taveuni Island through Nadi and I am hoping by Friday my ears will have cleared enough to dive again.    

For dinner tonight we had a Lovo.  This is where they basically make a huge fire and wrap all sorts of food including fresh fish and pig in banana tree leaves and bury them in the ashes and let the ashes from the fire cook them.  Before digging out the food we all sat around and sang Fijian songs and shared Kava. Kava is a root that you can actually buy in the US in capsule form for sleep and anxiety.  Here they crush up the root and put it in a bag and soak it in cold water.  Then you drink it one really large "bowl" at a time.  It isn't alcohol but it does have a slightly calming effect on those that drink it.  I just felt kind of dizzy and a bit queasy.   One of the other guests caught an amazing tuna this afternoon and they shared it with all of us as Sashimi.  I am not a big fan of fish but this was SPECTACULAR!!

Now I don't know what y'all think, but I think that is a REALLY fat pig. 

Banana anyone?

Fresh Pineapple

Yummm, Fresh Eggplant

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