Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day # 12 in paradise

what new to say.... woke to an amazing views, had a great breakfast, went for two amazing dives, great lunch, relaxed all afternoon.  So spoiled we are!  In the evening we had a Lovo (see description from Kandavu).  The food was fantastic again and the cerviche was to die for! (and I don't even like fish!)  We had another Kava ceremony and listened to the staff sign songs before we all zonked out post Kava. I did manage to dive again today despite having ruptured my right ear drum the day before.  Probably not the wisest of ideas but oh well.

Floating around in the water during a surface interval.

Can you say - relaxed and happy?

TWO Nudibranches - and in focus to boot!

I have never seen orange brain coral!  Awesome!

Cool Anemone

These black guys were about 11/2 foot each

big pretty parrot fish

Blue Ribbon Eel - it is really small but fascinating to watch

Another School of Huge Fish

Blue Star Fish

Can you see the shark in there?

If you couldn't see him on the previous picture, then here is a clearer view

We swam through two different schools of different types of barracudas

Another shark,  I think we saw around 5 or 6 on this particular dive.

Another Cool Anemone


This is a shrimp that you can see through its body - Prince shrimp I think.  It was really small 

There was just so much to see that it almost got overwhelming.  So I started to take close up pictures just for some variety. 

Leaf fish - the yellowish blob in the middle

Largest Yellow Sponge I Have Ever Seen!

Yet Another Giant Clam - Love these things!

Some type of Lacy coral. 

White Tipped Reef Shark

You guessed it - another giant clam

I call this a unicorn fish - Don't know what it's real name is

Lion fish

"purple coral" on the Great Purpule Wall dive.

This was on a wall and I swear the size of a car - Amazing!  The current was so strong that I almost crashed into it trying to take this picture. 

Color is not great in the photo but the whole wall is full of red, white and purple coral.  Same below as well. 

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Shelly :) said...

Your pictures of the coral and marine life are so amazing! I loved seeing all the vibrant beautiful colors. :)