Sunday, September 23, 2012

Belated Party

Matthew's birthday was in August but we were out of town.  So yesterday we finally had a birthday party for him. Below are a ton of pictures from the event. 

The patio before guest arrive

I didn't have a lot of time to make a cake so I just threw together some quick cupcakes. 

The party was a puppy themed party... surprise, surprise.

The kids loved the bouncy house that Matthew got form us for his birthday.

Dilbert loved watching the kids bounce and run. 

Birthday boy hug!

He's too cute in that puppy outfit!

Boy do we look alike or what?

Puppy ears and nose! 

Dilbert got sad because I wouldn't let him keep digging in the grout between the flagstone. 

He really has the sappy puppy look down. 

Puppy Papa

A very tired and sleepy Dilbert asleep on Alex's feet. 

Time for Cake!!!

"Forget a fork, I'd rather use my hands!"

"look blue icing... fun!"


Matthew's giggle after Uncle Chad smooshed some cake in his face.  

More playing with the cake instead of eating it. 

"Please can I have some cake... Please?"

He's just so cute!

Deb doing Back time with Dilbert who continues to grow bigger every day... he's gonna be huge!

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