Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun weekend in Vail

I got free accommodations at the Marriott at Vail Village this weekend for a conference.  So we packed up the car and headed out for a fun family weekend.  Both Matthew and I are trying to recover from whooping cough so were taking it a bit slow but we are still having a great time.  The peak aspen change was last weekend but it is still so pretty up here!  We promised Matthew a gondola ride and it isn't running. He was sad there was no "Up Up"  so we went and threw rocks in the stream instead.

yeah, rocks!!

he has quite an arm!

He still prefers to push the stroller rather than ride in it.

"wow, a sewer!"

yellow trees along I-70

Matthew is ready for his hike

I took a ton of pictures of really yellow trees but I'll try to limit it here to about 10. 

Rest break

Matthew got cranky in the backpack and ended up walking up about 1 mile of our 4 mile hike!  He was amazing.  He scrambled over rocks and fell and got right back up.  
What a handsome boy!

Matthew climbing up and up.  

Another view of yellow aspen from I-70. 

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