Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day # 10 in Paradise

Well despite my injured knee I was able to enjoy our dives today.  The  morning started off with a bang when we saw two pilot wales at breakfast and then had two fantastic dives.  We saw sharks, eels, tons of fish and coral of course and generally had a great time.  We napped all afternoon until dinner.....what lazy people we are - it was so nice!

Alex swimming a long

Juvenile Lion Fish - very rare to see. 

large lobster

Red "drip" coral

Blue Fine Tuna - Dinner Anyone?

Moray Eel

I love this picture because Alex's fin's up in behind this Coral head cracks me up. 

So Pretty

This big guy was well over 3 feet and was really focused on eating something as the current we were in pushed us by him.  

Napoleon Fish - It is the size of a VW bug.

I love swimming over the Giant Clams and watching them slam shut as I get too close. 

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