Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our last day in Paradise

We woke this morning knowning that we had to head home.  When I left Fort Collins two weeks ago I was a ball of stress and completely exhausted to my core.  Somehow in these last two weeks I found a sense of peace and a calmness that I have not felt in a VERY VERY long time, if ever.  No one asked me to do anything or needed me for something for two whole weeks!  Alex and I didn't fight even once and everything went so smoothly - minus my dislocated knee and a cold but those didn't seem to bother me much with  my new found calmness.  Maybe it's the sun, or the water color but there is something in the energy here that agrees with me and helped me to find my real smile again.  Thank you Fiji.

After a boat ride back to Taveuni and a short flight back to Nadi we found ourselves with a 9 hour layover in Nadi.... hmmmm... what to do......  We decided to once again ditch our bags and head out.  We went to the backpacker area of hotels that were on the beach and rented a bed in a dorm.  This got us a great shower which was much needed after the very hot and sweaty trip from rainbow reef to the airport and a very hot flight.  The bonus was that the hotel was on the beach and had a fantastic restaraunt and good internet connection.  Alex ate a huge lobster lunch while I had delicious calimari and spagetti and we spent the afternoon relaxing and looking out at the ocean.  Way better than sitting in the airport!!
Alex and his giant $20 Lobster - it tasted fantastic!

Today was our only rainy day of the whole trip and this was my only fancy drink of the whole trip too.   

Sunsets here are spectacular

We have another 10 hour flight from Nadi to LAX and then on to denver with only a 5 hour layover this time.  And then we will be greated at the airport in denver by our son and my dad.  I can't wait to give Matthew a huge hug!!  It's been a great trip but I sure do miss him.  We also will be coming home to meet both a new guide dog puppy and one of my best friends new baby who was born yesterday (US time 8/28).  Normally coming home from a trip like this is always a bit of a let down, but this time I'm excited to go home and am leaving fully satisfied and hope that some day we will return.

I'll try and get the scuba video's I took up soon.  They are really fun to watch!

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