Tuesday, June 23, 2009

El Remate

Our Monday consisted of the following: 1) 5 hour hot bus ride through very steep mountains from Panajachel to Guate's Airport 2) 1 hour flight up to Flores 3) 1 hour cab ride to El Remate. After all of that we were beat and wanted a nice hotel and experience at Tikal. So we decided not to stay in Flores and instead to stay in the one street town of El Remate at a adorable little resort on the big lake up here. It was a great decision!!!!

El Remate may not be much of a town but I think the hotel we stayed at has to be one of my all time favorite places I have ever stayed at! I didn't want to leave! Below are pictures I took over the three days we were here.

Align CenterOur Hotel in El Remate.

One of the hotels two dogs, a really fat bulldog was just way too friendly. Their other dog was a pug who wouldn't stay still long enough for a picture.

The "lobby" area.

Some of the grounds at our hotel.

The path to our room.

The sitting room in our hotel room...yes, that is a swing on the left! How cool!

Our hotel room after a fantastic night sleep in .... Air Conditioning!!!!

View from our room.

Our little cabin, we were on the top floor.

Pool at our hotel.

Fun restaurant/hostel on the main street of El Remate.

Alex relaxes at the restaurant across the street from our hotel.

Standing out on the dock and looking back at the restaurant, you can see our hotel up on the hillside. Our room was the one that almost lines up with the dock.

After our last breakfast in El Remate, Alex went and jumped off the peer and went for a quick swim in the beautiful clear and cool lake.

Sunset on the lake.

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