Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tikal was absolutely AMAZING!!! The area is huge and we walked for over 6 hours to see all of it. I tried not to go crazy and post tons of pictures. If you want to see more I will post them on flickr soon and you can access them through our website. (I will get them posted as soon as I can).

The only problem with this area is that it is UNBELIEVABLY hot!! It was well over 100 degrees the day we went and this is in the shade with over 98% humidity. By early afternoon, Alex and I were seriously afraid we might pass out from heat stroke. I don't think I have ever been that hot in my entire life! We had a great time though and saw a ton of wild life. The ruins were worth every bit of effort it took to get up to see them! I can't wait to come back in 20 years and see all of the other temples that they are currently working on unearthing.

The Back of Temple I

A giant tree at the entrance to the park.

I love remote trimmers on cameras! Alex and I on top of Temple II.

The Amazing Temple I as seen from the top of Temple II. You can no longer climb Temple I, two tourist fell a few years ago while climbing it and died. Now many of the bigger temples have wooden staircases built for people to climb instead of using the main temple stairs.

Me in front of a giant Mayan wheel with lots of cool hieroglyphs on it.

Now I know it was unbelievably hot but seriously..... This "gentleman" from some eastern European country (as best we could tell from the strange language he was speaking) decided it was so hot that he would just wander the park in his underwear. We kept running into him. It was really gross!!! So I decided to post this nice shot of his butt crack on the web. He he.

A sample of the paths from one site/temple to another.

When we got up to the top of one of the temples, a swarm of bats came flying out at us, of course I screamed and Alex laughed. In this shot, I am checking to see if there are any left in there before I go any further. There were many still sleeping in the rafters.

Templo de las Calavers.

I can't remember which one this is....sorry...they all started to blur together after awhile.

This was in the acropolis off of the grand plaza and is about the size of two suburbans parked side by side ... i.e. HUGE! I think it looks like he is smiling.

Alex rested in the shade while I climbed to the top of Complejo Q. I am the pick blob about half way up.

This is called just "Pyramid" and is probably the only one I didn't climb to the top of.

Temple IV - The tallest temple in all of Tikal.

The twin Temple to Complejo P.

Alex and I sitting on Complejo P.

View from the top of temple IV.

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