Monday, June 29, 2009

Great to be home

Alex and I arrived home last night around 9pm, safe and sound. We had some serious airport drama in Houston that required us to literally run around from terminal to terminal to terminal. I won't go into the details but we just barely made our connection flight.

Our house was great to come home to but I always feel a little bit guilty whenever I come home from an extended period of time in central America. Our country is so rich and so blessed with so much and so many of use take it all for granted. My other observation is that our country is really uptight. This was incredibly obvious in Houston and I really just wanted to tell everyone to slow down and just relax. We could all learn a lot from spending some time in a profoundly poor country.

We picked up Gardner today and it is so great to have him back around! We sure are going to miss him when he goes to California for training next week!

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