Sunday, June 28, 2009

headed home

Alex and I made our way from Coban Ruinas in Honduras yesterday all the way to Antigua. We don't like staying in Guate so it is easier to stay in Antigua and take a cab to the Airport. We are currently sitting in the nicest central American airport I have ever seen! It has air conditioning and get this.... free WiFi. I am looking forward to heading home but will miss it here too!

It was a good thing we got out of Honduras yesterday because they arrested the President of Honduras today and there was a military coup. It started while we were there and got worse overnight. In the city we were in, they weren't letting any tourist travel east of where we were for safety reasons.

We splurged and took a direct gringo shuttle to Antigua and there were 8 people on the bus. The Guatemalans can usually cram 20 or so people in to these tiny vans but several of the Americans in our van were so "fluffy" that they took up enough room for 2 or 3 people. Alex and I were the last ones on and so their was no room for our skinny butts on the seats. Alex finally gave up after falling off the bench and just sat in the door well for SIX + hours. Doesn't he look happy!

There was an accident so we waited in the fumes of trucks for about two hours. Oh the joys of travel!

In Guatemala there is a saint named Moximo. He is always seen smoking a cigar and drinking rum. Gotta love the catholics!

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